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debra hicksDEBRA’S BIO

Debra has been a coach for over twenty years and has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life.

Her interest in personal development began with her own need to live a better life, and started with a simple course “Cutting the Ties That Bind.” She recognised the power of transformational work to stop repeating the patterns of her lineage, and went on to study and facilitate many renowned master coaches on their courses.

Debra’s interest in metaphysics also spans two decades, and she was privileged to study the early Mystery School methods in the vein of respected teachers such as Stuart Wilde, and is a practising alchemist in her own right.

Having been privately mentored since her interest in personal transformation began, Debra recognises the benefits of having a coach, and continues her commitment to her own journey of continual evolution.

She works with men and women of all ages who are heart-centred individuals, and truth seekers looking to gain greater understanding and mastery over their own illuminated existence.

Find out what makes you happy and remove what’s really stopping you from moving forward with Alchemist Coaching.

My Essential Oil Journey

Twenty six years ago, I was introduced to the amazing healing properties of essential oils for physical and emotional problems. I found the available ways to wear or carry them were less than ideal. These ways included on a tissue or handkerchief and placed into my top, splashed on to underwear or clothes, in my handbag where I forgot to use them or on my skin where the oils were absorbed into my blood stream in a short time and didn’t have lasting effects.

It got me thinking! There has to be a better way to have access to both the scent and healing benefits, while I’m out and about!

Last year, I stumbled across the beautiful, hand blown, Murano Glass pendants. The different styles of vials were perfect for carrying my oils and are a distinct piece of jewelry to finish my outfit. I was so ecstatic as I had never seen anything like it before! Now I am able to wear my essential oils whenever, day or night.

When I was out people asked me, what my beautiful fragrance was? I shared that the beautiful fragrance is coming from my pendant and it is an essential oil. This would lead to the obvious question of, “Where did you get your pendant?”

So the rest is history! I import the pendants and have teamed up with Young Living Essential Oils to create the magical range of Alchemist Pendants. Young Living Essential Oils have one of the highest levels of healing properties, jam-packed into a little bottle.

So now you too can ‘Create your own Magic’.

The Story of The Alchemist Lifestyle

The Alchemist Lifestyle brings elegance and wellbeing together for the New Aged Woman or Man on the go in our modern world. Your choice Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil placed into your choice of 55 uniquely hand blown Murano Glass Pendants one for any occasion that may arise.

The cork stopper allows you to access your essential oil scent all day long so you receive the benefits required all day and evening. With up to 130 singles and blends of Essential Oils from the Young Living range you can choose the perfect essential oil and pendant to suit your mood, style, or occasion. These pendants are beautifully packaged in a Black Velvet Pouch, Boxed and Ribboned to make a perfect gift for yourself or someone special.