Combo Amber 100ml, 50ml and 15ml Glass Bottles


One of each combo amber glass bottles

100ml spray

50ml spray

15ml roll on

With the wonderful full range of 50ml and 100ml spray bottles and the 15ml roll on glass bottle, you can have them for the home and carry in your purse or pocket!

With the spray bottles, fill with some good quality water (remember to leave space for your essential oil) and then add your desired amount of your favorite essential oil (I use 8-12 drops for the 50ml and 14-18 drops for the 100ml) to the water. Replace the atomizer, give it a shake and spray away!

With the roll on, fill with the desired carrier oil of your choice (remember to leave space for your essential oil) and depending on the strength you desire add (I use 8-12 drops most times) of my favorite essential oil.

Your personal blend once again ‘Creating your own Magic’!

Having all three gives you fabulous options, to use them in all areas of your life. Home, car, office, handbag…..also allowing for two different blends for different moods and occasions!

Maybe someone will be lucky enough to receive one as a gift!

Just love the versatility!