Referred Services

This referred services page is simply a page full of amazing business’s that I personally have experienced that offer an outstanding service!

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LYF Solutions

LYF Solutions logo

LYF Solutions is committed to supporting small businesses on their pathway to success. The firm is passionate about digital marketing and provide a number of services including web design, green hosting, social media, marketing and SEO.

Based in Melbourne, Australia LYF is proud of its ability to support small business owners and are 100% carbon neutral.

Visit the LYF Solutions website for more

Liz Crocker - Living Well Services

Liz Crocker is Principal Psychologist and Director of Living Well Services.

Liz has been practicing as a psychologist for over 30 years. She has always had an interest in the mind/body connection and the impact our thoughts have on our physical, emotional and energetic wellbeing.
She sees the mind as a wonderful tool when it is used to focus on creating specific results. However left to its own devices it can be a source of on-going negativity to the point that we feel bombarded by the constant stream of negative reviews on our performance. A single thought has the power to demolish your day, leaving you feeling victimised, disempowered and having lost all confidence and self-belief.

At Living Well Services we are committed to empowering clients through helping them gain a deeper understanding of their energy and how it works so they can be “Living Well” and feel more in control of their lives.

We believe learning can be fun and bring good humour and new perspectives to our clients. We want them to feel supported, cared for and self-empowered as they progress through their journey of self-discovery.

For further direction call 1300 768 682

Andrew Whyte Landscape Design

You cannot achieve the above with a ‘tick box design’ that looks like the rest of the gardens down the street. It is for this reason when we design your space, that it must be customized around your needs; aesthetic likes; and your very own personality. It must be an extension of you.

Our aim isn’t to create ‘great gardens’. Our aim is creating an outdoor space that enhance the quality of life of our client.”

Andrew Whyte

Tea with Annie

Tea with Annie what an amazing experience!

Annie is a young but well-read Tasseomancist who’s abilities can be traced back 8 known generations on her Irish side. Born and raised in Perth, WA, Annie has been reading cups for friends and family since the age of 11. Now a Melbournian, Annie is a full time Tasseomancist, has successfully completed her Masters Degree at RMIT and conducts workshops, tea parties and private appointments in the Melbourne CBD and all over the world.

Whilst her taste buds prefer tea, Annie is well versed in all types of cup reading. Annie enjoys the humble English breakfast, the spiced mud like grounds of Turkey, the fine sediment of a classy French Shiraz and even the deliciously decedent traditional Italian hot chocolate.

For information regarding Tea parties, corporate functions, workshops, private appointments, Annie’s Cupcakes and Angel readings

Contact Annie at or call 0433360316

Salts of the Earth

What is Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, is a medically proven natural and non-invasive therapy that helps relieve congestion, inflammation and allergies of the airways and skin. Salt therapy relieves the symptoms of the sufferer’s condition by cleansing the airways and skin and works in conjunction with the sufferers prescribed medication. By relieving the symptoms of a condition, medication will also become more effective resulting in better management and stronger relief of the condition.

Speak to Marnie from the Malvern rooms where I attend on 9500 0834

Divine Bliss

If you’re not feeling the joy, entrust the devoted care and support of a unique healing therapist who is dedicated in your journey to wholeness.

Divine Bliss provides holistic services, including;

  • Bali Retreats
  • Meditation
  • Ajna Tibetan Healing
  • Reiki Therapy
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Flower Essences
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Ear Candling
  • Spiritual circles

Based in Mernda, by appointment only.

(Say that Deb sent you for 10% discount on your first visit)

For more info visit