• I love my Alchemist Pendant!

    I love my Alchemist Pendant!  It serves me as a physical reminder as well as assists me energetically to bring my desire and intention into reality. So far I have changed 3 oils. My first oil was Envision to help me to create and hold my vision. I would remove the cork and breathe in the delightful scent as often as I thought about it during the day and imagine my dream to reinforce my vision. The next oil was for Joy and this one is for Abundance.  Each one helps me to hold a positive focus on my goals and reminds me that energetica lly I am supported.  Every time I smell the gorgeous aroma of the very pure oils it is in essence a positive affirmation. It is a wonderful way to have the pure essence of your most valuable desire really close to your heart!  Wear the oil that corresponds with your desire in The Alchemist Pendant! I highly recommend it as a beautiful piece of jewellery that also has a very special purpose!  I love it so much I have given it as a gift and my friends also love it! Emanuela  
  • For me, it was love at first sight!

    I first got in contact with the Alchemist Pendant in October last year. For me it was love at first sight. The pendants are full of details and beautifully designed. What attracted me to it the most is what it could represent. Hope, love, compassion, memories, thoughtfulness and the list goes on…… I overheard someone say one day, I will buy one for my granddaughter who lives in WA and I will tell her that I am putting kisses and hugs in the little bottle and so when she misses me she can open the bottle and get a kiss out of it or a hug. I thought to myself what a beautiful idea. I had been given one filled with essential oils and I decided to sent it to my daughter who lives overseas, with that same message (she is 18 an she loved it). When I was wearing the pendant it would release a bit of scent through the delicately designed cork, it was uplifting and calming. What I love about the pendant is its versatility and the meaning you chose to give it. It is a great gift for a loved one….. I love the Alchemist Pendant! Thank you, Sarita Johan
  • Little Girl…..Shut The Door On My Finger

  • Improved my sleep patterns!

    “I highly recommend Debra Hicks to you as a Health practitioner and are so impressed by the ZYTO testing and its accuracy. The Young Living Oils recommended by Debra immediately improved my sleep patterns and all testing has been ‘spot-on’ in assessing my needs not only a physical level, but also emotionally and energetically. If you are interested in exploring your health solutions in a natural way, based on a scientific assessment, I encourage you to contact Debra and explore the ZYTO experience. – Jan McIlwraith” Monday, 7 July 2014 3:42 PM
  • Overseas gift from mother to daughter xx

    Hello Debra, Thanks so much for sending me a photo, it’s really nice to see the gift all together like that. If I was on Facebook I would definitely “like” the picture, but as I’ve always worked with children I’ve deliberately avoided social network sites. I found “The Alchemist Pendant” doing a Google search but I can’t remember what the key words were. Murano glass certainly featured, and essential oils. The name of your website caught my attention instantly – I think it’s a wonderful choice. I’m delighted that I did find you and hope Laura will be as thrilled with her gift as I am. Best wishes, Anne (from mum in England) Thursday, November 20, 2014 11:39 AM Dear Debra, My Mother Anne recently purchased the Alchemist Pendant for me as a birthday gift and asked me to let you know that it arrived safely in New York on November 26th, 2015. I would like to add my own thanks for making such a beautiful gift possible. I too find essential oils to possess great healing and rejuvenating powers, and being able to carry this wonderful blend around with me all day reminds me of the significance I found in entering a new decade of my life. I loved the testimonials on your website which attached meaning and wish-making to the wearing of the pendant, and every time I catch a whiff of the scent I am reminded of my own desires and the responsibility I have to myself to fulfil them. Very best wishes and much gratitude, Laura (from daughter in New York) Sun 7/12/2014 3:30 PM
  • Calming my young son!

    I love the Young Living Essential Oils, they make a difference to my day.  I have even started using ‘Peace and Calming’ with my son when he is upset about something.  One drop on my hands whilst I am comforting him makes a big difference! Donna Willis 14/01/2015        
  • Clear Future Focus NOW, thanks!

    What immediately strikes me about Debra is the amazing ability of pure focus. Debra’s attention to detail when listening to someone and her ability to hear everything I say and more impressively what I “don’t” say! It’s a rare skill that Debra has great strength in and that it shows when she offers advice. The difference in what Debra can do quite effortlessly shows, and it has an immediate reaction to the person she’s talking too. I instantly know that she “get’s” me and that she has heard what I’ve said and been able to put the mix of messages and other clues together into a clear and concise format. Debra allows the me to know that she’s listening too, to see what I cant see myself as yet. She’s like a mirror, and no matter what reflection is shown, I being the receiver…get it every time! Being able to vocalize the idea into something achievable and tangible goes a very long way to providing myself with the tools and insight to continue into the next logical step. The amazing clarity I have when I speak with Debra is truly amazing and is more useful to me than trying to analyse it myself….even if I could put my thoughts into something I still hold doubts that it was what I wanted to do in the beginning. Kaaren – June 2, 2012
  • It does what it says!

    Just want to say I have been wearing my beautiful pendant with the essential oil ‘Peace and Calming’ in it for the past week…and loving it! Just get a gentle aroma of it every now and then. In fact just when I need it! It does just what it says! Venise McLachlan, June 2015  
  • A year of calmness!

    After wearing my Alchemist pendant every day for over the last year, I was devastated when it broke, as I dropped it on the bathroom tiles.   With a replacement Alchemist pendant instantly around my neck once again (thanks Deb), I breathed in the essential oil that it holds and regained my calmness. I adore my Alchemist pendant and I wear it everyday.  I find that every now and then, the aroma wofts around me, inspiring my awareness.  And, if I feel the need at any time, I grasp my pendant and pop it under my nose for a deep inhalation.    Ahhhh bliss. Another thing  I love about it, is that the aroma lasts forever (unlike traditional perfume which wears off, and can be toxic and cause problems at the cellular level once absorbed through the skin.) Also, when desired, I select a different oil, be it for healing, a therapeutic reason or, just because …. Thanks Deb, I just love my pendant and it is such an awesome gift for friends. Linda – June 2015
  • Daily Magic!

    Love my Alchemist Pendant. I wear it every day. Everyone comments on it and I have bought one for both my mum and friend. Love that you can smell your favourite essential oil all day long. Thanks Debbie. Jodi Rutherford – June 2015
  • Body Conversations with Nat

    “I love my Alchemist Pendant I wear it during the days that I need extra nurturing, courage and support. As I move about my day I get the energy of my oils and I also get the aroma. It’s my portable pocket of Magic!” 🙂 Nat Morris
  • Everyday Joy!

    Everyone get around these beautiful pendants. Perfect for everyday wear and as a gift too!! I love my alchemist pendant! Olivia Soha
  • Giving & receiving gift!

    Debra your The Alchemist Pendant brings great happiness to many occasions, birthdays, christmas graduations and births. When choosing to give an Alchemist – Pendant this is a rare time when the giving is as exciting as the receiving. This is when beauty and healing come together. Debra your product is outstanding, well done! Glenys Rochford